Hard Case&Soft Case

Which mobile phone is more drop-resistant, hard case or soft case ?

The anti-drop ability of the soft and hard case of the mobile phone depends on the specific mobile phone, but in general, the soft case is more anti-drop than the hard case. The middle frame of some mobile phones has an inverted C-angle structure. When the four corners are ground, the edge at the chamfered corner is like a knife, which will cut the phone case that is too soft, causing the middle frame to directly collide with the contact surface, such as Xiaomi Note. The chamfered corner of the frame is suitable for using a hard case or a protective case with a soft outside and hard inside. The other iPhone 6 Plus with chamfered corners can be used with both soft and hard cases, but in this case it is better to choose a soft case.

There are certain drop requirements for mobile phone case protection, usually between 1.4-2 meters, but the above soft and hard case protection is only suitable for a reasonable height range. Safety.

The anti-fall ability of YOUNGKIT brand mobile phone cases has been tested and can meet the relevant protection requirements, so you can buy it with confidence.

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