Heat dissipation

Heat dissipation

Heat dissipation is the biggest enemy of mobile phone safety.

Will different material phone cases affect heat dissipation?

Heat dissipation is the biggest enemy of mobile phone safety. Due to the structural characteristics of lithium batteries, there is a risk of explosion when the safe temperature exceeds 60 degrees Celsius. According to the different materials of the phone frame and back cover, the actual temperature of the phone's internal hardware cannot be determined. If you feel a little hot when the phone case is not in use, then the battery is about 50 degrees Celsius at this time. If it is hot, it has exceeded the safe temperature. .

Using a mobile phone case will affect the heat dissipation of the mobile phone more or less. At present, the mobile phone case mainly uses the following materials: TPE, plastic, rubber, glass, metal, etc. Different materials have different effects on the heat dissipation of the mobile phone. Glass, metal, and plastic are all materials that conduct heat quickly. They are often used to make mobile phone casings, so they have the best heat dissipation performance. However, metal will affect the mobile phone signal and can be discarded directly. Phone cases of other materials can be considered. Usually when using this kind of phone case for charging, it is recommended to remove it to avoid overheating of the phone.

Heat dissipation and protection can never be achieved on a mobile phone case, and the hand feel is always inferior to a direct "streaking". However, the YOUNGKIT mobile phone case is basically made of TPE material. Under normal use, there is no need to worry about the fan heat problem; in the design, try to balance the two aspects, while providing the necessary protection, it can also properly dissipate heat.