Metaverse Series Inspiration

As a popular concept in the current Internet, the metaverse fully reflects people's expectations for the future virtual world.
The Metaverse series is the proud work of designer Kasen. In terms of lines, different large color blocks are used to express the mechanical aesthetics and surreal style of the product; in terms of color matching, the concepts of metaverse and digital design are integrated, and eye-catching neon colors and gradient digital colors are used to break the reality and virtual boundaries.
Designer Kasen, who is a digital enthusiast, said, "I designed this product with the hope of helping technology enthusiasts to express their optimism about post-human society. I used the following color schemes for this product: Light luxury modern green, through the fusion of metaverse and sports elements to reflect the sense of technology and functionality; Galaxy cobalt blue - Galaxy cobalt blue will become the most important and influential from the evolution of the new space age and the metaverse representative color".
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