“Three ZERO” plans

[Serious Environmental Issues]
Every year, up to 23 million tons of plastic waste throw into the oceans, and 25 million tons of plastic waste enter the terrestrial environment. However, out of the 7 billion tons of plastic waste generated globally to date, less than 10% has been recycled. These shocking statistics have made Youngkit realize the urgency of environmental pollution. Therefore, we actively seek innovative solutions to minimize the impact of our products on the environment. Under this goal, we propose “Three ZERO” plans.

[0 Scrap]
In the early stages of production, we improve raw material procurement and optimize production processes. Material-wise, Youngkit phone cases are meticulously crafted from recyclable plastic and metal materials, purposefully designed for effortless material separation and subsequent recycling. During the production process, we use highly efficient, energy-saving machines to increase production efficiency while reducing resource use, thereby reducing waste generation and environmental pollution.

[0 Carbon Footprint]
Youngkit cases are made with a hard polycarbonate material from Bayer, a world's top plastic supplier, which can effectively delay the oxidation time of the frame, and the yellowing resistance level can reach as high as level 5, thus extending the lifespan of the phone case. Through continuous improvements in technology and processes, we achieve a 75% recyclability rate for phone cases, reducing carbon emissions in the manufacturing process and the number of production cycles, significantly reducing energy consumption.

[0 Landfills]
Selling products is not the end of our service; we also pay attention to the subsequent use of phone cases. Youngkit not only encourage users to prioritize products that are highly recyclable like ours when choosing phone cases but also advocate for users to dispose of phone cases at specific recycling centers. By recycling, shredding, and recasting, we create brand new environmentally friendly phone cases,, we strongly resist disposing of old phone cases as landfill waste.

[Protecting the Blue Planet]
Sustainability and green development have always been focus while innovating, and Youngkit will actively plan and implement more “Three ZERO” plans to reduce the burden on the environment. Although our efforts are only a small part of the environmental cause, we sincerely call on all users to join us in protecting the environment. We believe that every small effort contributes positively to the sustainable development of the global environment.
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