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Kenny Mays,a talented 2D Animation artist from London, UK. He is also the co-founder of a small indie games development studio, where he creates captivating 2D pixel art titles.
 Before venturing into the world of animation and design, Kenny worked as a tradesman in the gas and electricity industry. Despite this, he always maintained his passion for art and frequently shared his ideas and creations with his followers on Instagram. Over time, Kenny developed a love for digital art and animation and decided to take the bold step of leaving his job at a major power company at the age of 21 to pursue his dream.
 His determination paid off as he graduated with a first-class honors degree in Animation (Game Arts) from the prestigious University of the Arts London at the age of 25. Kenny has never looked back since and has no regrets about his decision to pursue his passion for animation and design. He finds great joy in his work and loves creating animations that depict everyday moments in life, such as cats lounging on laptops, people nervously playing with their phones before a deadline, or cozy nights spent playing video games in bed.
 Kenny's smooth and polished animations have garnered his a significant following on Instagram, where his work is admired and shared by many. He has a keen eye for detail and often draws inspiration from small but significant moments in life, like intimate moments between couples, which he masterfully captures in his artwork.
  In his latest series of illustrations, Kenny collaborates with Youngkit to create fun phone cases featuring his charming characters: Naughty bear shaking his butts, Little bird drawing on iPad Pro, Diligent Little Bird creating late on bed into the night, Doggy expresses love unabashedly, Kenny's work is full of joy and humor that is sure to brighten anyone's day. Through these phone cases, Kenny and Youngkit invite people to appreciate the beauty and happiness that can be found in life's seemingly insignificant moments.
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