YOUNGKIT X creationtrip

Devyn Moon Silvernell, a talented artist hailing from New York, USA, is renowned for her captivating psychedelic and trippy art. What sets her apart is that she is entirely self-taught, acquiring her artistic skills through relentless practice and dedicated research.

Motivated by the ever-evolving energy of life, Devyn finds inspiration in constantly exploring new perspectives and innovative ways to express her ideas through art. To prevent burnout, she understands the importance of taking breaks and stepping away from her craft.

In the digital age, Devyn draws inspiration from the vast online artistic community. She finds solace in the works of other artists who ignite her creativity. While her art predominantly carries a distinct 60s/70s vibe, she endeavors to maintain her uniqueness and infuse her creations with her own personal touch.

In this collection, Devyn provides Youngkit with four designs, which with common concept of personal growth and self-enpowerment. Devyn gives these designs detailed explanations.
• "Be Your Own Soulmate" is pretty self expanatory. And no one can love you like you can, so love yourself and everything will fall into place.
• "I'm In this World but I'm not Of This World" Devyn is trying to highlight the magic of existence as a human and possibilities beyond our own world
• "Fuck What People Think" You will be happier overall if you care less about the thoughts of other people and other things you cannot change.
• "Everything You Want is Beyond Your Comfort Zone" You will never grow or change if you're always trying to be comfortable with everything first.

Younkit and Devyn hope that these collaborative phone cases can provide protection in two aspects. The material of the phone case to safeguard your device and ensure its safety. Secondly, the artistic designs can inspire and encourage you, providing a form of protection and support for your spirit. By combining these two elements, we are dedicated to offering comprehensive protection for both your device and your personal needs.

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