Bryan Cristóbal Maciel Agüero is a talented Mexican artist known for his captivating artwork. With a strong affinity for cyber skulls, Bryan's style encompasses a vibrant 2D aesthetic infused with neon colors, drawing inspiration from cyberpunk, mecha, and urban themes.

Passionate about the artistic expression of harmonizing mechanical and organic elements, Bryan wants people to discover his works, be inspired by them, and spark creativity in others as he was spark creativity from others. Bryan finds immense inspiration in renowned artists such as Ching Yeh, Katsuya Terada, and Josan Gonzalez. Their distinct styles have greatly influenced his own artistic journey.

Youngkit selected four representative pieces from Bryan's work to create this series of phone cases. Drawing from a fusion of science fiction cultures, Western and urban art, and a cyberpunk backdrop, the collection showcases a striking array of colorful phone cases. This assortment truly embodies Bryan's unique artistic vision, as he aims to convey a sense of vibrant energy, merging robotic aesthetics with human fashion. Bryan seeks to capture the attention of viewers with his mesmerizing use of neon colors, leaving a lasting artistic impression. Meanwhile, he hopes he can evokes a sense of belonging and captivate the imagination by the stylish robotic skulls he created. Youngkit was also attracted to cooperate with Bryan because of his style is highly individualistic, as Youngkit inspires everyone to embrace their uniqueness, express their personal charm, and shine their light in the world. Let's immerse ourselves in this unique beauty through these artist series phone cases!

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