Some media once said: "In the "2018 Mobile Phone Case Comparison Test", the five mobile phone cases with excessive amounts of harmful substances are all opaque protective covers, so the transparent material mobile phone cases are relatively safer." This statement is not rigorous.

There are good and bad materials for mobile phone cases. Many cheap mobile phone cases are made from cheap recycled materials, which seem to be environmentally friendly. In fact, many harmful chemical components are mixed in them to achieve a clean and tidy appearance, especially for transparent protective cases. So it's not necessarily safer.

Usually, the materials used in brand mobile phone cases are traceable, and they will not use cheap materials, and you will get what you pay for every penny. Even opaque products made from excellent materials are safer than transparent products from cheap materials. Compared with most similar products, YONGKIT's brand products are made of 100% recyclable materials, which are safer to use.