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Sutra Classic iPhone14 Case- The Earth Store Sutra
Sutra Classic iPhone14 Case- The Earth Store Sutra
Sutra Classic iPhone14 Case- The Earth Store Sutra
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The Earth Store Sutra
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Unique&Unlimited Inspiration

The Earth Store Sutra is a Buddhist scripture that records the process of birth, aging, illness and death of all living beings. It combines the great compassionate vows of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva and the testimony of various Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, and narrates the compassionate teachings of the Buddha in simple terms.

Lam selected the classic scriptures from the Ksitigarbha Sutra and let us rub it on the phone case, hoping that this product of our Youngkit can help all beings, save all beings, and avoid falling into the evil realm.
Youngkit Sutra Classic Undated Protection Magsafe  iPhone14 Case- The Earth Store Sutra

Bump Up the Protection

The YOUNGKiT exclusive Shock Absorption Technology can buffer 95% of the impact , creating a phone case that truly achieves all-round protection and has a strong anti-drop performance.

The appearance of the iPhone14 series(not iPhone12/13 series) of strong buffer bumpers adopts a new plant-based material and a shock-absorbing tire tread design. Each mobile phone case equipped with bumper has undergone 872 anti-drop tests, and ensure 9.8 ft drop protection,covering 98% of daily life application scenarios.

→About the Shock Absorption Tech

Superior Process And Materials

We use IMD double-layer HD printing process, which can not only be scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, but also make its color long-lasting. 
Made with a hard polycarbonate material from the world's top plastic supplier: Bayer ,which can effectively delay the oxidation time of the frame, and the yellowing resistance level can reach as high as level 5.
We is striving to make resources 100% recyclable, so as to contribute to protect our Planet.

Supports Wireless Charging

Our iPhone cases are built to withstand Qi, supporting the new standard of wireless charging. Charge away without having to remove your iPhone cases, so you never have to compromise style for functionality.

Share and Entertainment

At youngkit,you can be a young man who expresses yourself without hesitation. Express individuality, customize fashion and future, share and talk with yourself, friends, families and even strangers, this is the freedom YOUNGKIT can give.

All of our unique designs are designed to be fun and celebratory, and to inspire joyful sharing at daily, travel,party even every selfie.
The Perfect Match

Choose from our range of protectors and MagSafe compatible accessories to customize your phone according to your lifestyle.Each accessories fits perfectly with our case range so be assured that you and your phone will both be very happy.