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Tips For Case Care

Material Knowledge

All YOUNGKIT cases use the highest-quality materials in the market. Plastics are equipped with UV-resistant features and their performance has been verified by a world-renowned independent third-party tester. Cases will still react to objects they come in contact with. Dirt and wear and tear from daily use is to be expected. We recommend cleaning the case regularly or cleaning any stains immediately. Read on for how.

Here are tips to ensure the life and longevity of your Youngkit products:

#1 Clean with a damp cloth

Clean the case with a soft, slightly damp cloth that's been soaked in soap and water.

#2 Clean with an alcohol wipe
Clean the case with an approximate 70-75% isopropyl alcohol wipe.
#3 Stay away from bleach
Do not use bleach products or similar chemicals to clean the case.


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