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YOUNGKIT Artist Joint

YOUNGKIT  X bloodyhellbighead

Thanawat Sakdawisarak, also known as Bloody Hell Big Head, hails from Bangkok, Thailand, where he currently resides. After graduating from Assumption University, Thanawat embarked on a career as a freelance illustrator, collaborating with clients worldwide.

His artistic journey began with a fascination for transforming geometric forms into typography, a technique that evolved into the creation of characters and narratives using geometric shapes. Youngkit was captivated by his personal collection series known as the "Swirling Monsters" series and teamed up to create three phone cases.

YOUNGKIT  X bloodyhellbighead

The genesis of Thanawat's personal portfolio, the Swirling Monsters series, was sparked by the vibrant energy of graffiti. Fascinated by the intricacies of color blending and value creation through spray techniques, Thanawat embarked on an exploration. Utilizing an airbrush and mixed the colors, he crafted these works into monstrous forms, he imbued each creation with a whimsical spontaneity.

A series of captivating monsters, each a unique blend of hues and forms. For the illustrator, this wasn't just about creating something with meaning—it was about pushing their own boundaries.

With each stroke, Thanawat embraced randomness. As Thanawat worked, he found himself imbuing these abstract forms with a sense of life and personality. Adding eyes, noses, and mouths transformed what were once shapeless entities into friendly monsters. They became companions, each with its own personality and charm.

Swirl monsters blur the lines between reality and imagination, inviting viewers to see both the animalistic essence and the pure abstraction within. In Thanawat's world, art knows no bounds. He hopes that viewers will find delight in his creations, whether they choose to perceive them as whimsical creatures or simply as vibrant expressions of color and form. And Youngkit hopes through these monsters, let's embrace the beauty of the unknown and find inspiration in the abstract.


YOUNGKIT X LisadotDesign

In a world where challenges seem to weigh heavy on our shoulders, finding solace in hope becomes essential. That's why Youngkit teamed up with illustrator Lisa-Marie Vecchio to create a phone case that not only protects your device but also carries a message of optimism and environmental awareness.

She believes, Our Earth is heavy with sorrow - a pandemic, poverty, war, global warming, violence, illness, social injustice, the list goes on. Yet, our Earth still moves forward with purpose, and carries us with her. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, just remember - where there is life, there is hope. And where there is hope, there’s a precedent for miracles. And that's how this illustration was born.

YOUNGKIT X LisadotDesign

Our motivation behind this collaboration is simple: we believe in sustainability. Lisa's design concept beautifully captures the essence of our shared journey on Earth. Our commitment to minimizing our impact on the environment drives everything we do. From sourcing eco-friendly materials to reducing waste in our production process, we're dedicated to making a positive difference for our planet.

With vibrant colors and subtle symbolism, Lisa's design make us to think about our connection to the earth and our ability to create positive change. The Earth is suffering from increasing environmental pollution and we should do our part to reduce pollution and protect the environment because there is no Planet B.

We believe that small choices can lead to big impacts, and by choosing products like our eco-friendly case, you're contributing to a healthier planet. Let our phone cases remind you of the resilience of the planet and the power of hope. Working together, one small step at a time, we can change the world.


YOUNGKIT X Tobe Fonseca™

Tobias Fonseca, a Brazilian artist based in the US and the creative director behind Tobe Fonseca Studio. Renowned for his distinctive design style, Tobias employs clean lines and a minimalist approach that seamlessly merges modern and traditional art techniques.
Drawing inspiration from diverse sources such as nature, Brazilian culture, and everyday moments, Tobias infuses his creations with personal experiences and emotions. Cultural legends and global events further contribute to the richness of his work, creating pieces that serve as tangible expressions of connection, resilience, and natural beauty. Addressing themes spanning nature, emotions, relationships, and fantasy, Tobias delves deep into concepts like the passage of time, the fragility of life, and the interconnectedness of all beings. His goal is to evoke nostalgia, joy, contemplation, and foster empathy, considering art not merely as an expression of personal experiences but also as a manifestation of universal truths.
YOUNGKIT X Tobe Fonseca™ 
In a recent series, Tobias offered four distinct designs for Youngkit, titled "Love is freedom," "Grab Life by The Balls," "Don't against mom," and "Skeleton Heart." Each design encapsulates different emotions and attitudes toward life. "Love is freedom" underscores the importance of maintaining individual independence and respect in relationships, emanating a simple yet profound aura. "Grab Life by The Balls" promotes a positive life outlook, encouraging users to confront challenges, seize opportunities, and realize their full potential, exuding strength and conviction. "Don't against mom" expresses reverence for mothers and emphasizes family values, intending to evoke affectionate thoughts and gratitude for maternal love. "Skeleton Heart" symbolizes the delicate yet resilient nature of life and conveying the transient and precious aspects of existence. This design prompts users to reflect on the true meaning of life.
These four designs contribute depth to the Youngkit product range, exploring dimensions of love, courage, family, and life. Beyond being mere mobile phone cases, they serve as embodiments of profound insights into life, emotions, and humanity. This collection stands as a testament to the potent ability of art to stimulate deep contemplation about life, offering a vivid expression of that power.

YOUNGKIT  X Eleonora Arosio

Eleonora is an illustrator from Italy. Her main creative style is characterized by heavy pencil strokes, illustrated in a naive and playful way! With simple yet engaging illustrations, she delves into themes related to women's experiences and everyday life. She wants it to be about stimulating the audience's thinking and emotional experience by presenting scenes and issues from their lives and encouraging them to critically engage in dialogue about our world.

YOUNGKIT X Eleonora Arosio

Youngkit has teamed up with Eleonora to create three cases that will bring joy and whimsy to your day!  The first design presents people surfing a giant wave, capturing the thrill of adventure. Vivid colours and flowing lines combine the surfer with a huge wave, as if bringing the endless waves into your hands, allowing you to feel the passion and freedom of surfing at all times. The second design shows two friends savouring ice cream together, celebrating a simple but beautiful happy time. The warm colours and cheerful expressions convey the warmth of friendship and the beauty of small happiness in life. The last design shows a group of lively and energetic women, forming a playful pattern that demonstrates women's self-confidence and optimism, as if telling you that life is full of infinite possibilities, and to express your true self to the fullest. 

We believe phone cases should not only protect your device but also make you smile when you see them in your bag or in the mirror while taking a selfie. That's why her designs are colorful, lively, and always ready to brighten your day.


YOUNGKIT  X Melissa Donne

Melissa Donne is a talented illustrator and surface pattern designer from the South Coast of England. Her artistic creations are characterized by their vibrant and playful nature, rooted in her deep love for color, pattern, and texture. Driven by her passion and artistic vision, Melissa embarked on the creation of a delightful and exuberant collection that not only mirrors her personal style but also encapsulates her diverse sources of inspiration, including the beauty of flora, the allure of food, and the enchantment of abstract patterns. These thematic elements play a significant role in shaping her body of work, serving as a perpetual wellspring for artistic growth. 

Melissa has collaborated with YOUNGKIT to launch a stunning series of four phone case designs. The floral design captures the graceful movement of flourishing flora, characterized by winding shapes and flowing leaves. A dark background serves as a canvas to accentuate the bold color palette and vivid pops of hue. The fruit stickers design is a manifestation of Melissa's affection for packaging aesthetics, aiming to impart a sense of playfulness and a delightful charm. The Happy Egg design is inspired by a passion for food, creating an artwork for the phone that is both creative and fun. The ribbon pattern resembles a dance of paintings, expressing Melissa's deep respect for art, design and the abstract art movement. More than just phone cases, these designs are an extension of Melissa Donne's unique creativity and her interpretation of life, art and aesthetics. Through this collection of cases, we can not only carry Melissa's artwork with us, but also feel her playfulness that is always integrated into her work, injecting joy and vitality into our daily lives.



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