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YOUNGKIT X blushing.ginger

Bethany Green, a young lettering artist from Yorkshire, England. Beth is an elementary school teacher and she possesses a Masters degree in Child Mental Health.

Beth's journey into digital illustration began when she was given her first iPad at the age of 11, and her artistic style has been in a constant state of evolution ever since.

During the challenging Covid-19 confinement, she made a conscious decision to channel her creativity into building an Instagram platform that exudes positivity and inspiration. Through skilled handwritten quotes, she strives to create a sanctuary of encouragement and uplift.

Typography holds a special place in Beth's heart as she finds joy in experimenting with different fonts and compositions. She sincerely hopes that each of the designs she shares will bring joy and motivation to those who encounter them. Mental health education is the most important topic in her life, and she strives to infuse this important aspect into my artwork.


Beth and Youngkit believe that designs based on the themes of self-love and self-appreciation have tremendous meaning in our lives. In a world where external pressures and expectations often overshadow our sense of self-worth, these self-love and self-appreciation-themed designs exist as beacons of light. Encouraging us to cultivate a deep and genuine love for ourselves and to acknowledge our unique qualities, strengths and achievements, they are powerful reminders of the importance of valuing and embracing who we truly are. Her designs in collaboration with YoungKit have been carefully selected, which can evoke feelings of joy, acceptance and self-empowerment through vibrant colors, uplifting images and thoughtful compositions. Beth and Youngkit hope that through these collaborative phone cases we can all value and embrace our true selves. Let's embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance and self-celebration!

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