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Bikash Rai, the founder of, started creating heart-warming works many years ago and wanted to bring sunshine to people in their daily lives in this way. Most of the images in his illustrations are with smiles, which are always so lovely, and his words so inspiring that they bring a ray of sunshine to people in difficult situations. His works have great social value, many people have been uplifted from adversity by the influence of his illustrations. As he says, creating these illustrations is the most fulfilling experience.
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As a young and socially responsible brand, Youngkit not only produces high-quality and personalized cell phone cases but also shares the same goal as to bring hope to frustrated people and to spread joy to society. In this era of rapid socio-economic development, more and more people are feeling tired, and social phenomena such as rising prices and stressful work have put a heavy burden on many people. People have feelings of physical and mental exhaustion. Bewilderment, confusion, low self-esteem, self-denial, anxiety, anger, and other negative emotions fill our lives, but this is not how the world should be! Fighters, keep your heads up! Don’t be afraid, “The universe has your back”. We hope through these four phone cases, people can love themselves as well as others, we believe, we can turn the unkind world be more friendly.
When being questioned, denied, or ridiculed, look at our phone case, the sun and clouds are smiling at you. Please give more confidence to yourself.
Get a Youngkit X case, and join us in embracing a better life with a positive mindset!
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