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YOUNGKIT X Komori Yuki

Love is in the air, and so is the scent of freshly baked cookies and rich chocolates! We are thrilled to introduce our latest Valentine's special phone case series designed by Komori Yuki, where sweetness meets fantasy in the most adorable way possible.

Valentine's Day is a celebration of love, and even our little monsters can't resist getting into the spirit! The illustrator, Komori Yuki has crafted a special monster character that joyfully embraces the essence of Valentine's Day. Whether it's exchanging heart-shaped cookies or sharing chocolate delights, these monsters are here to spread love in the sweetest way possible. What's more, the color palette of this special series revolves around various shades of brown, creating a warm and sweet atmosphere. Komori Yuki explains, "Not only are the motifs of chocolate and cookies, but the colors are mostly brown, giving it a sweet atmosphere. I created a design that will make you feel excited and remember Valentine's Day just by looking at it."

One of the standout features of this phone case series is its versatility. While inspired by Valentine's Day, the designs are crafted to be enjoyed long after the celebration has passed. The illustrator aimed to create a collection that evokes fond memories of the holiday while remaining relevant and stylish throughout the year. Now, you can carry these lovable phone cases no matter the season!

Indulge in the magic of Valentine's Day with this series of YOUNGKIT X Komori Yuki phone cases. Whether you have a sweet tooth, a love for fantasy, or simply appreciate adorable designs, these cases are bound to steal your heart. Embrace the whimsy, carry the monsters with you, and make this Valentine's season truly special with our enchanting phone case collection.

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