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YOUNGKIT X Komori Yuki

Komori Yuki, born in Toyama Prefecture in 1993, currently works as an illustrator in Tokyo. As an illustrator, her artwork focuses on capturing the fascinating daily lives of whimsical creatures that may only exist in the world of storybooks.

Yuki studied Japanese painting at an art college, where she learned the art of working with traditional paints. Although she is self-taught in illustration, the art instruction she received during her time at the university was invaluable to her growth as an illustrator.

Yuki's illustrations show the world in her mind and she hopes that her illustrations will resonate and be relatable to people. Her goal is to create illustrations that transcend the limits of reality and provide an experience that reminds people of the whimsy and fantasy of picture books. She has always adhered to the idea that the world in illustration should be free. A turtle with long legs or a hare with a long body can exist.

Yuki's illustrations for Youngkit are filled with vibrant colors and exaggerated expressions, bringing to life a vibrant and animated world. Each cute creature she portrays reflects Yuki's whimsical imagination and pure-heartedness. When we encounter these artworks, it feels as if we can momentarily escape from our hectic lives and immerse ourselves in a realm of fantasy and joy. Whether it's a lively rabbit, a peacefully hibernating turtle, a stealthy hunting tiger, or a whale gracefully diving into the depths of the ocean, these characters captivate us with their diverse personalities and endless charm. At the same time, they serve as a reminder for us to cherish the treasures within ourselves, to remain true to our initial aspirations, and to sustain our passion for the world. Through this collaboration of whimsical phone cases, Youngkit wish all of us to retain our childlike hearts, revel in the beauty that life offers, and hold onto the invaluable treasures that reside deep within us. May we never forget our origins and continue to embrace life with fervor and zeal.

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