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YOUNGKIT X  Komori Yuki 

Komori Yuki, born in Toyama Prefecture in 1993, currently works as an illustrator in Tokyo. As an illustrator, her artwork focuses on capturing the fascinating daily lives of whimsical creatures that may only exist in the world of storybooks.

Yuki studied Japanese painting at an art college, where she learned the art of working with traditional paints. Although she is self-taught in illustration, the art instruction she received during her time at the university was invaluable to her growth as an illustrator.

Yuki's illustrations show the world in her mind and she hopes that her illustrations will resonate and be relatable to people. Her goal is to create illustrations that transcend the limits of reality and provide an experience that reminds people of the whimsy and fantasy of picture books. She has always adhered to the idea that the world in illustration should be free. A turtle with long legs or a hare with a long body can exist.

Yuki's illustrations for Youngkit are filled with vibrant colors and exaggerated expressions, bringing to life a vibrant and animated world. Each cute creature she portrays reflects Yuki's whimsical imagination and pure-heartedness. When we encounter these artworks, it feels as if we can momentarily escape from our hectic lives and immerse ourselves in a realm of fantasy and joy. Whether it's a lively rabbit, a peacefully hibernating turtle, a stealthy hunting tiger, or a whale gracefully diving into the depths of the ocean, these characters captivate us with their diverse personalities and endless charm. At the same time, they serve as a reminder for us to cherish the treasures within ourselves, to remain true to our initial aspirations, and to sustain our passion for the world. Through this collaboration of whimsical phone cases, Youngkit wish all of us to retain our childlike hearts, revel in the beauty that life offers, and hold onto the invaluable treasures that reside deep within us. May we never forget our origins and continue to embrace life with fervor and zeal.


Bryan Cristóbal Maciel Agüero is a talented Mexican artist known for his captivating artwork. With a strong affinity for cyber skulls, Bryan's style encompasses a vibrant 2D aesthetic infused with neon colors, drawing inspiration from cyberpunk, mecha, and urban themes.

Passionate about the artistic expression of harmonizing mechanical and organic elements, Bryan wants people to discover his works, be inspired by them, and spark creativity in others as he was spark creativity from others. Bryan finds immense inspiration in renowned artists such as Ching Yeh, Katsuya Terada, and Josan Gonzalez. Their distinct styles have greatly influenced his own artistic journey.

Youngkit selected four representative pieces from Bryan's work to create this series of phone cases. Drawing from a fusion of science fiction cultures, Western and urban art, and a cyberpunk backdrop, the collection showcases a striking array of colorful phone cases. This assortment truly embodies Bryan's unique artistic vision, as he aims to convey a sense of vibrant energy, merging robotic aesthetics with human fashion. Bryan seeks to capture the attention of viewers with his mesmerizing use of neon colors, leaving a lasting artistic impression. Meanwhile, he hopes he can evokes a sense of belonging and captivate the imagination by the stylish robotic skulls he created. Youngkit was also attracted to cooperate with Bryan because of his style is highly individualistic, as Youngkit inspires everyone to embrace their uniqueness, express their personal charm, and shine their light in the world. Let's immerse ourselves in this unique beauty through these artist series phone cases!

YOUNGKIT X creationtrip

Devyn Moon Silvernell, a talented artist hailing from New York, USA, is renowned for her captivating psychedelic and trippy art. What sets her apart is that she is entirely self-taught, acquiring her artistic skills through relentless practice and dedicated research.

Motivated by the ever-evolving energy of life, Devyn finds inspiration in constantly exploring new perspectives and innovative ways to express her ideas through art. To prevent burnout, she understands the importance of taking breaks and stepping away from her craft.

In the digital age, Devyn draws inspiration from the vast online artistic community. She finds solace in the works of other artists who ignite her creativity. While her art predominantly carries a distinct 60s/70s vibe, she endeavors to maintain her uniqueness and infuse her creations with her own personal touch.

In this collection, Devyn provides Youngkit with four designs, which with common concept of personal growth and self-enpowerment. Devyn gives these designs detailed explanations.
• "Be Your Own Soulmate" is pretty self expanatory. And no one can love you like you can, so love yourself and everything will fall into place.
• "I'm In this World but I'm not Of This World" Devyn is trying to highlight the magic of existence as a human and possibilities beyond our own world
• "Fuck What People Think" You will be happier overall if you care less about the thoughts of other people and other things you cannot change.
• "Everything You Want is Beyond Your Comfort Zone" You will never grow or change if you're always trying to be comfortable with everything first.

Younkit and Devyn hope that these collaborative phone cases can provide protection in two aspects. The material of the phone case to safeguard your device and ensure its safety. Secondly, the artistic designs can inspire and encourage you, providing a form of protection and support for your spirit. By combining these two elements, we are dedicated to offering comprehensive protection for both your device and your personal needs.

I go by the name Devyn Moon Silvernell and my business is Creationtrip. My main creative style is psychedelic and trippy art.


YOUNGKIT X blushing.ginger

Bethany Green, a young lettering artist from Yorkshire, England. Beth is an elementary school teacher and she possesses a Masters degree in Child Mental Health.

Beth's journey into digital illustration began when she was given her first iPad at the age of 11, and her artistic style has been in a constant state of evolution ever since.

During the challenging Covid-19 confinement, she made a conscious decision to channel her creativity into building an Instagram platform that exudes positivity and inspiration. Through skilled handwritten quotes, she strives to create a sanctuary of encouragement and uplift.

Typography holds a special place in Beth's heart as she finds joy in experimenting with different fonts and compositions. She sincerely hopes that each of the designs she shares will bring joy and motivation to those who encounter them. Mental health education is the most important topic in her life, and she strives to infuse this important aspect into my artwork.

Beth and Youngkit believe that designs based on the themes of self-love and self-appreciation have tremendous meaning in our lives. In a world where external pressures and expectations often overshadow our sense of self-worth, these self-love and self-appreciation-themed designs exist as beacons of light. Encouraging us to cultivate a deep and genuine love for ourselves and to acknowledge our unique qualities, strengths and achievements, they are powerful reminders of the importance of valuing and embracing who we truly are. Her designs in collaboration with YoungKit have been carefully selected, which can evoke feelings of joy, acceptance and self-empowerment through vibrant colors, uplifting images and thoughtful compositions. Beth and Youngkit hope that through these collaborative phone cases we can all value and embrace our true selves. Let's embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance and self-celebration!

YOUNGKIT X to.elsewhere

Emily Ma is a Chinese artist who was raised in the Netherlands and currently resides in Tokyo. Over the past few years, Emily has been dedicated to developing her own unique style and creating original artwork while pursuing her arts degree.

Art has always been an integral part of Emily's life. She possesses an unwavering passion for it. Emily draws inspiration from various sources, and she considers James Jean to be a highly influential artist. Growing up in the Netherlands, she was greatly influenced by renowned artists such as Rembrandt and Van Gogh. Additionally, she finds constant inspiration in the works of artist and illustrator Aron Wiesenfield, particularly admiring the moods and originality portrayed in his art.

Emily's art serves as a medium for storytelling and expressing emotions. She focuses on using visual elements to communicate specific emotions, hoping to evoke contemplation from the viewers. Her pieces originate from her observations of the world, as well as her unique interpretations and expressions of what she believes is worth documenting.

The four works in this Youngkit collaboration with Emily truly reflect her rich and delicate emotional world. One of the cooperative phone cases particularly striking, are the two pink flowers on the heads of the figures, which symbolize thought and imagination. These flowers bloom on top of their heads with prosperity and vitality, representing the richness of their inner world. Ideas and imagination are the source of our spiritual richness; they can inspire creativity and unique perspectives. Emily's work reminds us to keep the power of thought and imagination alive and to incorporate it into our lives.Over the years, Youngkit has insisted on originality and the protection of intellectual property. Here at Youngkit, we also encourage open-mindedness and creative imagination to try out new ideas and approaches, which is the only way to promote the exchange and integration of different cultures, perspectives and experiences. If you have any innovative ideas, feel free to contact Youngkit and interact together!


Bikash Rai, the founder of, started creating heart-warming works many years ago and wanted to bring sunshine to people in their daily lives in this way. Most of the images in his illustrations are with smiles, which are always so lovely, and his words so inspiring that they bring a ray of sunshine to people in difficult situations. His works have great social value, many people have been uplifted from adversity by the influence of his illustrations. As he says, creating these illustrations is the most fulfilling experience.

  • Why do we meet?

As a young and socially responsible brand, Youngkit not only produces high-quality and personalized cell phone cases but also shares the same goal as to bring hope to frustrated people and to spread joy to society. In this era of rapid socio-economic development, more and more people are feeling tired, and social phenomena such as rising prices and stressful work have put a heavy burden on many people. People have feelings of physical and mental exhaustion. Bewilderment, confusion, low self-esteem, self-denial, anxiety, anger, and other negative emotions fill our lives, but this is not how the world should be! Fighters, keep your heads up! Don’t be afraid, “The universe has your back”.

We hope through these four phone cases, people can love themselves as well as others, we believe, we can turn the unkind world be more friendly.

When being questioned, denied, or ridiculed, look at our phone case, the sun and clouds are smiling at you. Please give more confidence to yourself.

Get a Youngkit X case, and join us in embracing a better life with a positive mindset!

YOUNGKIT X Milka Sukno

“My main inspiration is women, the feminine, nature and also geometry in broad strokes. I really like to create works that are striking but simple in terms of lines and colors, at some point when I started in illustration, my works had more details that sometimes I did them in a forced way, now I feel that I can listen to myself more and I know when to stop to add details and the truth is that I like the style that I have been developing up to now.”
The style of her paintings is soft, cozy, and delicate, and the images in her paintings are always so elegant. Her works are magical and when you look at her works, your heart will be very peaceful, and you will forget all the restlessness that makes you upset.

In these fast-paced times, people's pressure is increasing, patience is gradually decreasing, the pace is hurried, and some of them are busy but lost the direction of progress.
Although Youngkit was born in this impetuous era, we still hope that everyone can slow down, learn to balance fast with slow, to feel and enjoy the beautiful moments in life. As Youngkit’s slogan, #Just fun.
In these co-branding cases, you will see women, flowers, and cats, three of the most romantic things in this world. Put these cases on your phones! When you are restless inside, look at them, they can calm you down.

YOUNGKIT X kennysgifs

Kenny Mays,a talented 2D Animation artist from London, UK. He is also the co-founder of a small indie games development studio, where he creates captivating 2D pixel art titles.

 Before venturing into the world of animation and design, Kenny worked as a tradesman in the gas and electricity industry. Despite this, he always maintained his passion for art and frequently shared his ideas and creations with his followers on Instagram. Over time, Kenny developed a love for digital art and animation and decided to take the bold step of leaving his job at a major power company at the age of 21 to pursue his dream.

 His determination paid off as he graduated with a first-class honors degree in Animation (Game Arts) from the prestigious University of the Arts London at the age of 25. Kenny has never looked back since and has no regrets about his decision to pursue his passion for animation and design. He finds great joy in his work and loves creating animations that depict everyday moments in life, such as cats lounging on laptops, people nervously playing with their phones before a deadline, or cozy nights spent playing video games in bed.

 Kenny's smooth and polished animations have garnered his a significant following on Instagram, where his work is admired and shared by many. He has a keen eye for detail and often draws inspiration from small but significant moments in life, like intimate moments between couples, which he masterfully captures in his artwork.


In his latest series of illustrations, Kenny collaborates with Youngkit to create fun phone cases featuring his charming characters: Naughty bear shaking his butts, Little bird drawing on iPad Pro, Diligent Little Bird creating late on bed into the night, Doggy expresses love unabashedly, Kenny's work is full of joy and humor that is sure to brighten anyone's day. Through these phone cases, Kenny and Youngkit invite people to appreciate the beauty and happiness that can be found in life's seemingly insignificant moments.


Ken Smith, a Children's author illustrator from Japan. His childhood was divided between two worlds; Paris with its sparkling nights and colorful shops, and Algiers with its breathtaking landscapes against the clear blue sky of the Mediterranean. These experiences have left a profound impact on Ken's art, influencing his use of color in his works. Ken's love for drawing began in his childhood, and in recent years, he has started creating works and sharing them on Instagram. Over the years, he has also actively exhibited for learning exchanges to enrich his skills.

 Ken's works often feature animal motifs and depict worlds filled with warmth and sunlight. From acorn-eating bears to berry-eating birds and brightly blooming flowers and plants, his art showcases the beauty of our world, which is at risk of disappearing due to environmental damage. Ken places great importance on "biodiversity" as the basis of his work.

 Ken's love for small animals is evident in his paintings, where you can often see vivid and childlike depictions of a variety of creatures. His work is popular with children and child-minded adults alike for its playful and whimsical nature. For the collaboration with Youngkit, Ken created four phone cases, all of which feature kittens and showcase Ken's whimsy. “I have a sweet tooth!” “Summertime! I love the blue sky.” “Cats like small spaces.” “Hi kitty, I'll give you some flowers”. His heart is full of softness, and the cats under his pen are different in appearance, but all are smiling. In today's world, where many people are drawn to the cute and cuddly, Ken's work strikes a chord with animal lovers and pet owners alike. At the end of a long day, flipping over your phone to admire one of Ken and Youngkit's collaborative creations will surely lift your spirits and infuse your heart with the hope and happiness of spring. Also, Youngkit hereby call on everyone to protect the environment, to preserve our planet and to protect the ecological diversity.


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