YOUNGKIT X TamuraShior

Shiori Tamura is an illustrator and graphic designer from Tokyo. His primary focus is on drawing various subjects such as food, animals, plants, and everyday objects using crayons. Through his illustrations, he strives to transform ordinary things into something special, creating simplistic yet memorable artworks.

Influenced by his grandfather, who was a painter, he spent countless hours observing and creating his own drawings. Various illustrators, including Anzai Mizumaru and Ryoji Arai, as well as designer Masayoshi Nakajo, have left an indelible impact on his artistic style. He appreciates and draws inspiration from different aspects of their work. Additionally, as a graphic designer, he believe his design background has significantly shaped his approach to illustration.
Shiori avoids excessive self-criticism and instead focus on drawing patterns and themes that genuinely resonate with him. To avoid becoming overly rigid in his creative process, he values the ideas that emerge when he is in a relaxed state, such as taking leisurely walks or immersing himself in music. It is during these moments that inspiration strikes and new concepts come to life.

Concerning the four collaborative pieces with Youngkit, Shiori acknowledges that he has never personally owned a cat or dog. Nevertheless, these illustrations originated from his imaginative exploration of the companionship they provide. As a result, he finds great satisfaction and fulfillment in creating pieces that evoke a sense of warmth and endearment. He finds great solace and endearment in depicting them. This sentiment unites all four pieces, showcasing a sense of comfort and affection.
Youngkit believes that Shiori's series of phone cases will serve as a source of comfort and affection. Each piece encapsulates a genuine warmth, offering a sanctuary of calm in a world that often feels overwhelming. Youngkit hopes that these creations by Shiori will provide a haven of serenity, reminding everyone to embrace moments of peace and find solace in the simple joys of life.

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