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YOUNGKIT Tire Tread Anti-drop Tech

【YOUNGKiT New Technology, Strong Buffer Bumper】

The anti-drop performance of YOUNGKiT has been upgraded, and the strong cushioning anti-collision strip is available! The YOUNGKiT exclusive shock absorption technology can buffer 95% of the impact, creating a phone case that truly achieves all-round protection and has a strong anti-drop performance.

【Strong Anti-collision Design】

After the official continuous research and development of YOUNGKit, the appearance of the IPhone14 series of strong buffer bumpers adopts a new plant-based material and a shock-absorbing tire tread design, which makes the frame of the phone case more elastic, and can cushion the phone when the phone case is dropped. Moreover, strong impact force, and the tire tread design helps to support and maintain the integrity of the phone, further smoothing out the impact force and avoiding secondary damage after the phone is dropped.

【Challenge the Impossible, Touch the Limit of Anti-drop 

For a long time in the past, broken screen, cracked corners, scratched bezels, etc. are the most common problems that occur when a mobile phone is dropped. YOUNGKIT strong buffer bumper has a professional official drop test report. Each mobile phone case equipped with bumper has undergone 872 anti-drop tests, covering 98% of daily life application scenarios. The mobile phone case is detected from multiple angles to improve every detail.

【Protect Your Phone, Protect You】

Accidents such as broken screen fragments after a mobile phone fall, damage to the core motherboard components of mobile phones, and loss of stored data are not uncommon in life. YOUNGKiT's new strong buffer bumper is not only to protect your mobile phone, but also to protect intimately personal safety of users, convenience of daily life, and precious memories stored in mobile phones.

SGS Test Report As Followed:

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