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YOUNGKIT X Alice Potter

Alice Potter is a UK-based illustrator and surface pattern designer known for her captivating children's books. Her playful and cute aesthetic, featuring bright pastel colors and intricate patterns, centers around themes of animals and florals. In her children's book illustrations, Alice delve into diverse subjects such as science and activities, using characters as a vehicle to tell engaging stories. She always strives to convey a sense of happiness and playfulness in her work, which is evident through her masterful use of color and style. It is essential to Alice that her illustrations and designs appeal to both children and adults. As an illustrator, Alice is constantly inspired by her surroundings and the work of others. She actively keeps up with the latest trends and regularly explores the offerings in shops. This awareness of current styles and preferences allows her to continually push her work forward.

In this collection, Alice collaborates with Youngkit, showcasing her creative process fueled by intriguing themes and a desire to explore new artistic territories. She ventures into the playful and stylistic realm of feline art, creating a unique cat design. The Safari animals design emerges from keen observations of emerging kids' print trends, experimenting with lines to craft a distinct pattern. Refreshing an older design from her portfolio, the unicorn pattern receives new life. Lastly, Alice fulfills her aspiration of incorporating mermaids into her portfolio, giving birth to the enchanting mermaid design. These extraordinary designs perfectly embody the spirit of Youngkit. Each artwork reflects the artist's passion for creativity, uniqueness, and a playful aesthetic. By collaborating with talented illustrators like Alice Potter, we strive to bring you exceptional phone cases that not only protect your device but also serve as a stylish statement. Linking artistry with functionality, Youngkit is dedicated to create a collection of phone cases that capture the imagination and delight both children and adults alike.

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