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Ken Smith, a Children's author illustrator from Japan. His childhood was divided between two worlds; Paris with its sparkling nights and colorful shops, and Algiers with its breathtaking landscapes against the clear blue sky of the Mediterranean. These experiences have left a profound impact on Ken's art, influencing his use of color in his works. Ken's love for drawing began in his childhood, and in recent years, he has started creating works and sharing them on Instagram. Over the years, he has also actively exhibited for learning exchanges to enrich his skills.
 Ken's works often feature animal motifs and depict worlds filled with warmth and sunlight. From acorn-eating bears to berry-eating birds and brightly blooming flowers and plants, his art showcases the beauty of our world, which is at risk of disappearing due to environmental damage. Ken places great importance on "biodiversity" as the basis of his work.  Ken's love for small animals is evident in his paintings, where you can often see vivid and childlike depictions of a variety of creatures. His work is popular with children and child-minded adults alike for its playful and whimsical nature. For the collaboration with Youngkit, Ken created four phone cases, all of which feature kittens and showcase Ken's whimsy. “I have a sweet tooth!” “Summertime! I love the blue sky.” “Cats like small spaces.” “Hi kitty, I'll give you some flowers”. His heart is full of softness, and the cats under his pen are different in appearance, but all are smiling. In today's world, where many people are drawn to the cute and cuddly, Ken's work strikes a chord with animal lovers and pet owners alike. At the end of a long day, flipping over your phone to admire one of Ken and Youngkit's collaborative creations will surely lift your spirits and infuse your heart with the hope and happiness of spring. Also, Youngkit hereby call on everyone to protect the environment, to preserve our planet and to protect the ecological diversity.
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