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YOUNGKIT X Melissa Donne

Melissa Donne is a talented illustrator and surface pattern designer from the South Coast of England. Her artistic creations are characterized by their vibrant and playful nature, rooted in her deep love for color, pattern, and texture. Driven by her passion and artistic vision, Melissa embarked on the creation of a delightful and exuberant collection that not only mirrors her personal style but also encapsulates her diverse sources of inspiration, including the beauty of flora, the allure of food, and the enchantment of abstract patterns. These thematic elements play a significant role in shaping her body of work, serving as a perpetual wellspring for artistic growth. 

Melissa has collaborated with YOUNGKIT to launch a stunning series of four phone case designs. The floral design captures the graceful movement of flourishing flora, characterized by winding shapes and flowing leaves. A dark background serves as a canvas to accentuate the bold color palette and vivid pops of hue. The fruit stickers design is a manifestation of Melissa's affection for packaging aesthetics, aiming to impart a sense of playfulness and a delightful charm. The Happy Egg design is inspired by a passion for food, creating an artwork for the phone that is both creative and fun. The ribbon pattern resembles a dance of paintings, expressing Melissa's deep respect for art, design and the abstract art movement. More than just phone cases, these designs are an extension of Melissa Donne's unique creativity and her interpretation of life, art and aesthetics. Through this collection of cases, we can not only carry Melissa's artwork with us, but also feel her playfulness that is always integrated into her work, injecting joy and vitality into our daily lives.

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