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Monica Ortiz, a Colombian graphic designer and children's illustrator, has crafted a distinct creative style characterized by the whimsical world of amorphous and eccentric shapes. She skillfully employs simple lines, and using soft and luminous colors to breathe life into her quirky monsters and strange beings.

Her creative journey is fueled by an insatiable curiosity for digital techniques, shapes, colors, and textures. Monica thrives on staying at the forefront, perpetually honing her graphic style and her monsters. She realized that drawing characters free from rigid, flawless forms brought her immense joy, and thus the "Beautiful Tongos Project" was born.

What sets Monica's artwork apart is its deliberate lack of a singular meaning. Her art is a celebration of self-love, personal motivation, mental well-being, and the inspiring beauty that resides within each of us. Just as we are all unique beings, her characters are equally diverse, imperfect, and brimming with individuality. Monica derives immense pleasure from witnessing viewers offer their personal interpretations and emotional connections to her work, fostering a sense of identification between the audience and her charming characters.

This collection of phone cases was co-created with Youngkit and Monica, designed to embody a life-affirming philosophy. This series of phone cases champions resilience in the face of life's trials. It serves as a constant reminder that the world reveals its wonders when we embrace change with an open heart. Moreover, it encourages the idea that shedding tears can serve as a healthy release of emotions, cleansing the soul. It also underscores the notion that happiness is an ongoing pursuit, requiring proactive steps. Regardless of your choice among these phone cases, this collection serves as an uplifting gift that not only pleases the eye but also continues to inspire in daily life. It prompts you to persevere, maintain an open mind, value your emotions, and always strive for happiness. These phone cases go beyond mere decoration; they embody a positive life philosophy that promises enduring happiness and motivation.

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