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YOUNGKIT X Elizabeth Anderson

Elizabeth is a multi-talented individual with a diverse background in teaching, art, illustration, and graphic design. Born in London, England, she has had the opportunity to travel, work and live in various countries, these diverse experiences would have allowed her to collaborate with people from various cultural backgrounds and develop a global perspective on design.
While her professional career is graphic design, Elizabeth's heart beats strongest for illustration. Drawing is her innate skill. Her artistic style is defined by the graceful fusion of dipping ink pen techniques and vibrant block colors, marrying traditional and digital mediums with finesse. Whenever time allows, she immerses herself in the enchanting world of creating illustrations for children's books and crafting whimsical drawings of beloved cats and dogs. She dedicates herself wholeheartedly to create, deriving both personal joy and professional fulfillment.

Through her artistic endeavors, Elizabeth passionately explores themes of happiness, love, laughter, and the warmth of sunshine, infusing her work with a delightful spirit that resonates with audiences far and wide. Her art has touched the hearts of many, bringing boundless joy to those who encounter it, and this ability to evoke positive emotions has led her to collaborate with Youngkit in creating a collection of phone cases designed to similarly elicit feelings of pleasure and happiness. Every element of the illustration on these collaborative phone cases, whether it's a cat basking in the sun, a playful group of felines, or a "love cat" radiating affection, delves deep into the realms of happiness and optimism. This collection phone cases has been meticulously crafted for young individuals who cherish uniqueness and seek emotional support. Beyond its aesthetic beauty, it boasts practicality and an environmentally friendly ethos. Together, Elizabeth and Youngkit firmly believe that this partnership exudes unbridled joy, and we earnestly hope that anyone who encounters their creations will be greeted with a warm and heartfelt smile, carrying a piece of that joy with them throughout their day.

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