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Emily Ma is a Chinese artist who was raised in the Netherlands and currently resides in Tokyo. Over the past few years, Emily has been dedicated to developing her own unique style and creating original artwork while pursuing her arts degree.

Art has always been an integral part of Emily's life. She possesses an unwavering passion for it. Emily draws inspiration from various sources, and she considers James Jean to be a highly influential artist. Growing up in the Netherlands, she was greatly influenced by renowned artists such as Rembrandt and Van Gogh. Additionally, she finds constant inspiration in the works of artist and illustrator Aron Wiesenfield, particularly admiring the moods and originality portrayed in his art.

Emily's art serves as a medium for storytelling and expressing emotions. She focuses on using visual elements to communicate specific emotions, hoping to evoke contemplation from the viewers. Her pieces originate from her observations of the world, as well as her unique interpretations and expressions of what she believes is worth documenting.

The four works in this Youngkit collaboration with Emily truly reflect her rich and delicate emotional world. One of the cooperative phone cases particularly striking, are the two pink flowers on the heads of the figures, which symbolize thought and imagination. These flowers bloom on top of their heads with prosperity and vitality, representing the richness of their inner world. Ideas and imagination are the source of our spiritual richness; they can inspire creativity and unique perspectives. Emily's work reminds us to keep the power of thought and imagination alive and to incorporate it into our lives.Over the years, Youngkit has insisted on originality and the protection of intellectual property. Here at Youngkit, we also encourage open-mindedness and creative imagination to try out new ideas and approaches, which is the only way to promote the exchange and integration of different cultures, perspectives and experiences. If you have any innovative ideas, feel free to contact Youngkit and interact together!

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