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[Serious Environmental Issues]
“Up to 23 million metric tons of plastic waste flows into the ocean every year, and 25 million metric tons of plastic waste flows into the terrestrial environment.” However, to date, less than 10% of the 7 billion tons of plastic waste generated globally has been recycled. These shocking statistics made YOUNGKIT realize the urgency of environmental pollution. Therefore, we are committed to finding innovative solutions that minimize the environmental impact of our products. By using environmentally friendly materials and supporting recycling and recycling technology, YOUNGKIT has the opportunity to change this situation.

[Explore YOUNGKIT’s Raw Materials]
YOUNGKIT insists on sustainable development that puts materials first, and everything starts from the source. Our environmentally friendly mobile phone cases are made of 70% polymer particles made from plant starch, corn, sugar cane, etc. - bio-based plastics and recycled waste plastic products, with 30% "target plastics". This combination can make the product more biodegradable, thereby reducing environmental pollution. In the development process, YOUNGKIT needs to not only focus on the environmental protection performance of materials, but also continuously improve product performance to ensure that environmentally friendly products meet consumer needs.

Each purchase of a YOUNGKIT case saves 31.5 g of virgin plastic! By using plants and recycled waste plastic products, we greatly reduce the need and use of virgin plastic and reduce our impact on the environment. Every time we produce and sell a mobile phone case, it means saving approximately 31.5 grams of virgin plastic. Therefore, we implore all users to join us in protecting the environment and initiating change by consciously choosing recyclable or biodegradable alternatives. When choosing a phone case, prioritize products like ours that are highly degradable and recyclable.

[Protecting the Blue Planet]
Sustainability and green development have always been issues that YOUNGKIT pays attention to while innovating. In order to implement the general policy of sustainable development, YOUNGKIT, as a responsible brand, hopes to achieve the production of mobile phone cases with 100% environmentally friendly materials in 2027, completely Eliminate traditional virgin plastic materials and reduce the burden of energy on the environment. Although our efforts are only a small part of the environmental protection cause, we sincerely call on all users to join us in protecting the environment. We firmly believe that every small step of effort will have a positive effect on the sustainable development of the global environment.
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