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Luggage-Inspired Packaging Box

[The dream of freedom hidden in the phone case]

How do young people pursue trends and freedoms? How to freely interpret love for the world? As an explorer, the YOUNGKIT designer team has an independent interpretation of "love", "trend" and "freedom" on behalf of the younger generation.。

Q: Why did you choose a mini luggage that is not common in the market as the YOUNGKIT Outer Package?

A: Because of YOUNGKIT's slogan of "JUST FUN", we don't want to follow the rules and do the same thing. In addition to the design of the phone case, we also want to pay attention to the outer packaging of the product to make it really interesting and creative.

Q: Why did you finally choose the design of the mini luggage ? Is there any special purpose?

A: Regarding the outer package, we designed a lot of styles at the beginning, but in the end we chose this design of the mini luggage from the inside. Because we hope that YOUNGKIT can truly speak for the freedom dream of the younger generation, so as to infect more people to join us. Moreover, the design of the mini luggage represents the spiritual concept of young people who go away and love life.

[Every small detail of the mini luggage is designed with careful thought]

The outer packaging hook of YOUNGKIT still follows the style design of the luggage trolley, and the inconspicuous small hook also reflects YOUNGKIT's great attention to details.

[Not just the Outer Package]

The YOUNGKIT mini luggage box can not only be DIY as a storage box for storing small objects, but also a small safe for keeping ID cards and bank cards, and even a strap can be put on to become a trendy bag for daily travel. Surprisingly, YOUNGKIT has prepared a brush, and is keen to hope that every fashionista will leave all wild ideas on this huge canvas.

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