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YOUNGKIT X bloodyhellbighead

Thanawat Sakdawisarak, also known as Bloody Hell Big Head, hails from Bangkok, Thailand, where he currently resides. After graduating from Assumption University, Thanawat embarked on a career as a freelance illustrator, collaborating with clients worldwide.

His artistic journey began with a fascination for transforming geometric forms into typography, a technique that evolved into the creation of characters and narratives using geometric shapes. Youngkit was captivated by his personal collection series known as the "Swirling Monsters" series and teamed up to create three phone cases.

The genesis of Thanawat's personal portfolio, the Swirling Monsters series, was sparked by the vibrant energy of graffiti. Fascinated by the intricacies of color blending and value creation through spray techniques, Thanawat embarked on an exploration. Utilizing an airbrush and mixed the colors, he crafted these works into monstrous forms, he imbued each creation with a whimsical spontaneity.

A series of captivating monsters, each a unique blend of hues and forms. For the illustrator, this wasn't just about creating something with meaning—it was about pushing their own boundaries.

With each stroke, Thanawat embraced randomness. As Thanawat worked, he found himself imbuing these abstract forms with a sense of life and personality. Adding eyes, noses, and mouths transformed what were once shapeless entities into friendly monsters. They became companions, each with its own personality and charm.

Swirl monsters blur the lines between reality and imagination, inviting viewers to see both the animalistic essence and the pure abstraction within. In Thanawat's world, art knows no bounds. He hopes that viewers will find delight in his creations, whether they choose to perceive them as whimsical creatures or simply as vibrant expressions of color and form. And Youngkit hopes through these monsters, let's embrace the beauty of the unknown and find inspiration in the abstract.

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