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YOUNGKIT X LisadotDesign

Lisa-Marie, a graphic designer and artist from Australia. She uses her creativity to inspire hope, joy, and empowerment in others. Her distinctive artistic style is youthful, vibrant, and filled with bold colors.

Lisa firmly believes embracing new experiences fuels her creativity and keeps her artistic vision fresh and alive. Whether it's the thrill of exhilarating holidays or the introspection brought on by challenging emotional seasons, each encounter sparks the birth of meaningful artwork. She feels grateful to use art as a means to process life's highs and lows.

Beyond her creative pursuits, Lisa-Marie has found art to be a form of therapy to help her navigate anxiety and depression. She feels immense relief by expressing her thoughts and feelings through talking, journaling, and drawing. Affirmation therapy plays a crucial role in her mental health journey, and she incorporates common phrases and reflective thoughts she contemplates into her art, beautifully showcased in this phone cases collection with Youngkit.

In an effort to combat the stigma surrounding topics like anxiety and depression, Lisa also dedicates herself to creating a safe space for open discussions. Through her visually striking artwork, which employs bright colors and expressive imagery like squiggles, she aims to make difficult subjects more approachable. By speaking up about taboo topics, she hopes to empower others to seek the help and support they may need. For Lisa-Marie, her art is more than just a personal outlet—it serves as a medium to connect with others. She strongly believes that everyone has a fundamental need to be seen, heard, and valued, and her artwork allows her to fulfill that need for both herself and her audience. By sharing her creations, she fosters a sense of understanding and healing, encouraging others to share their experiences and find solace in their shared humanity.

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