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YOUNGKIT X Byhapppyal

Allison is a full-time graphic designer and art director at a B2B media company, dedicating to crafting visually engaging magazines for engineers and Wind Power technicians. Her design is characterized by a vibrant, playful, and colorful style, infused with an intentional touch of organic, imperfect, hand-drawn elements.


Her creative drive stems from a profound love and passion for design, also, influenced by the emotions she experiences and the events unfolding in her life. She uses art as a means of self-expression and emotional processing. While there are instances where Allison indulges in creative pursuits purely for the joy of creation, devoid of a predefined meaning or purpose.

    In this captivating collection in collaboration with Youngkit, these three distinct pieces encapsulates the essence of spring and summertime. Inspired by the warmth of these seasons, their vibrant colors, and the inherent excitement that follows a prolonged and chilly winter, each artwork radiates a sense of rejuvenation and vivacity. Playful shapes, sparkles, stars, and smiley faces often can be found in her works. Allison fervently hopes that her works can act as catalysts for joy, hoping to to infuse happiness and joy into those who behold them. Youngkit aspires that through this collaboration, our phone cases become a conduit for sharing Allison's designs with a wider audience, spreading joy to everyone.

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