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Noemi (AKA Memi) is an artist from the picturesque landscapes of Italy, whose style exudes the essence of 'kawaii' – a celebration of all things cute and precious. Adorable bunnies always can be founded into her illustrations, capturing hearts with their endearing charm.

Drawing inspiration from her daily life, iconic Sanrio characters, and the vibrant world of cartoons, Memi is deeply immersed in the 'kawaii' culture, a phenomenon that originated in Japan. Her artworks are more than just visuals; they are a conduit for evoking delightful emotions and infusing a 'kawaii' vibe into your everyday life.

For Memi, art is a medium to convey the message of self-love and an appreciation for the little joys in life. Her mantra, "keep smiling," reflects a philosophy that resonates with the fast-paced world we live in – a reminder that there's no time to dwell on sorrows. Flowers, particularly daisies, hold a special place in Memi's heart, symbolizing joy and happiness, and that’s why she add some daisies. This sentiment is beautifully woven into her designs, and she wants everyone who sees the cases she designs to feel her joy.

"Be the best version of yourself" is a resounding statement from Memi, advocating self-love and embracing our imperfections as perfections. Nemi hopes everyone can feel calm and light-hearted through her art. Each stroke of Memi's creativity is a testament to the power of positivity and the beauty found in simplicity.

This cute series of mobile phone cases from Youngkit X Memi is perfect for cute girls and is a great gift for your wife, girlfriend, and besties. Let our cases not only protect your mobile phone perfectly, but also exude a sense of joy and remind you to love yourself and enjoy the little things in life~

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