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YOUNGKIT X Eleonora Arosio

Eleonora is an illustrator from Italy. Her main creative style is characterized by heavy pencil strokes, illustrated in a naive and playful way! With simple yet engaging illustrations, she delves into themes related to women's experiences and everyday life. She wants it to be about stimulating the audience's thinking and emotional experience by presenting scenes and issues from their lives and encouraging them to critically engage in dialogue about our world.

Youngkit has teamed up with Eleonora to create three cases that will bring joy and whimsy to your day!  The first design presents people surfing a giant wave, capturing the thrill of adventure. Vivid colours and flowing lines combine the surfer with a huge wave, as if bringing the endless waves into your hands, allowing you to feel the passion and freedom of surfing at all times. The second design shows two friends savouring ice cream together, celebrating a simple but beautiful happy time. The warm colours and cheerful expressions convey the warmth of friendship and the beauty of small happiness in life. The last design shows a group of lively and energetic women, forming a playful pattern that demonstrates women's self-confidence and optimism, as if telling you that life is full of infinite possibilities, and to express your true self to the fullest. 

We believe phone cases should not only protect your device but also make you smile when you see them in your bag or in the mirror while taking a selfie. That's why her designs are colorful, lively, and always ready to brighten your day.

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