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YOUNGKIT X Milka Sukno

“My main inspiration is women, the feminine, nature and also geometry in broad strokes. I really like to create works that are striking but simple in terms of lines and colors, at some point when I started in illustration, my works had more details that sometimes I did them in a forced way, now I feel that I can listen to myself more and I know when to stop to add details and the truth is that I like the style that I have been developing up to now.”

The style of her paintings is soft, cozy, and delicate, and the images in her paintings are always so elegant. Her works are magical and when you look at her works, your heart will be very peaceful, and you will forget all the restlessness that makes you upset.

In these fast-paced times, people's pressure is increasing, patience is gradually decreasing, the pace is hurried, and some of them are busy but lost the direction of progress.

Although Youngkit was born in this impetuous era, we still hope that everyone can slow down, learn to balance fast with slow, to feel and enjoy the beautiful moments in life. As Youngkit’s slogan, #Just fun.

In these co-branding cases, you will see women, flowers, and cats, three of the most romantic things in this world. Put these cases on your phones! When you are restless inside, look at them, they can calm you down.

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