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Wotto, a multi-talented artist, illustrator, and designer from sunny California, USA. His art has developed over years of sketchbook doodling and creating unique characters, skillfully layered with lettering, characters, shapes, and symbols.

Throughout his artistic career, wotto has encountered and drawn inspiration from a myriad of fellow artists. Among those who have left a lasting impression are Tim Biskup, Junko Mizuno, Nychos, and Yoshitomo Nara. Their unique styles and artistic visions continue to influence and resonate with him. His art is heavily influenced by his surroundings, life experiences, and personal history. As a kid, he was shaped by the allure of 80s and 90s toys, cartoons, and skateboard graphics. As he matured, he found inspiration in the rebellious spirit and visual freedom of street art. Today, his biggest inspiration comes from his children and their incredible drawings, sparking new creative paths in his work.

Drawing has been wotto's lifelong passion, providing a liberating outlet for the thoughts and ideas swirling in his mind. Through drawing and painting, he unloads his imagination onto paper, channeling his boundless creativity into captivating artwork. His excitement for his craft is further fueled by the joy of sharing his art with others, whether it's through commissioned pieces or showcasing his work in galleries. Themes explored in wotto's art range from imaginary characters born in his mind to catchy slogans and words that mirror his emotions. His focus on composition ensures his art has an enchanting flow, guiding the viewer on an exploration of hidden details. These elements creates a delightful experience for anyone appreciating his designs. With influences ranging from pop culture to street art and a unique approach to storytelling through visuals, wotto's creations leave an enduring impression, allowing viewers to embark on a journey of discovery with each of his artworks. Get ready to dive into the captivating collaboration phone cases between Wotto and Youngkit, and unveil the hidden wonders within our artworks.


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