YOUNGKIT has a huge selection of phone case types  that are durable and functional without losing originality. YOUNGKIT protective cover is composed of impact-resistant and flexible TPU, four corners with Pioneering Full-touch all-round airbag protection and Built-in bumper, provides excellent drop protection for your phone. Raised lips offer more protection for screen and camera to prevent surface scratches and smudges. Also, it adopt Independent button design,making us easy and effort-saving to operate.The accurate cutouts ensure easy access to all ports, buttons, speaker and camera.

YOUNGKIT cases are made with a hard polycarbonate material from the world's top plastic supplier: Bayer ,which can effectively delay the oxidation time of the frame, and the yellowing resistance level can reach as high as level 5.

YOUNGKIT case prices vary depending on the case types and device models. You may click on your preferred design and select your device model in the dropdown box for details.

YOUNGKIT 's products are made to order and hand-inspected from corner-to-corner to ensure high-quality products that you can count on. Phone cases made of shock-proof or drop-proof materials are usually test-certified. It depends on the individual's needs when choosing the best phone case for your device.

Phone cases do not necessarily cause overheating. There may be a trapping heat when putting on the phone case but avoid opening too many applications on your device, overexposure to the sunlight and always keeping your device in a cool place can help reduce the risk of overheating.

Made with a hard polycarbonate material from the world's top plastic supplier: Bayer ,which can effectively delay the oxidation time of the frame, and the yellowing resistance level can reach as high as level 5.Right,we strive to make resources 100% recyclable, so as to contribute to protect Our Planet.

The easy way to remove a phone case is to first lift one side or one corner up from the bottom of the case, then gently remove the case.

【YOUNGKiT New Technology, Strong Buffer Bumper】

The anti-drop performance of YOUNGKiT has been upgraded, and the strong cushioning anti-collision strip is available! The YOUNGKiT exclusive shock absorption technology can buffer 95% of the impact, creating a phone case that truly achieves all-round protection and has a strong anti-drop performance.

【Strong Anti-collision Design】

After the official continuous research and development of YOUNGKit, the appearance of the IPhone14 series of strong buffer bumpers adopts a new plant-based material and a shock-absorbing tire tread design, which makes the frame of the phone case more elastic, and can cushion the phone when the phone case is dropped. Moreover, strong impact force, and the tire tread design helps to support and maintain the integrity of the phone, further smoothing out the impact force and avoiding secondary damage after the phone is dropped.

【Challenge the Impossible, Touch the Limit of Anti-drop 】

For a long time in the past, broken screen, cracked corners, scratched bezels, etc. are the most common problems that occur when a mobile phone is dropped. YOUNGKIT strong buffer bumper has a professional official drop test report. Each mobile phone case equipped with bumper has undergone 872 anti-drop tests, covering 98% of daily life application scenarios. The mobile phone case is detected from multiple angles to improve every detail.

【Protect Your Phone, Protect You】

Accidents such as broken screen fragments after a mobile phone fall, damage to the core motherboard components of mobile phones, and loss of stored data are not uncommon in life. YOUNGKiT's new strong buffer bumper is not only to protect your mobile phone, but also to protect intimately personal safety of users, convenience of daily life, and precious memories stored in mobile phones.

Each series of products will have different design themes and concepts, currently roughly divided into punk series, Chinese classic culture series, basic minimalist series and today's trending series. We not only cater to today's good public aesthetics, but also keep up with the pace of fashion hot spots. Hope we can do better and better.

We use IMD double-layer high-definition printing process, which can not only be scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, but also make its color long-lasting.

Most YOUNGKIT cases with Magsafe can work with wireless charging. As the thickness of each case type varies, please check the product description or contact us for accurate information.

The weight of phone cases varies depending on the case types selected as they are made with different materials.

TO CLEAN: use only water and soft cloth to clean. AVOID harsh chemicals and alcohol-based cleaners.


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About US

Live Chat:Pop on our live chat in the bottom right corner


What'sapp:+86 13380523070


Our Story and Mission:

We want people to share their lives, express their personalities and inspire their creativity through YOUNGKIT!

Please, Show Yourself !

Our History:

YOUNGKIT was born in China in 2021. Before that, Youngkit's founder had been in the phone case industry for a decade. Of the new brand, he has said YOUNGKIT grew out of a simple, big idea. As I am not only keen on Chinese traditional culture, but also closely follow the fashion trend of the new era. Therefore, through the continuous efforts of the founders and designers, YOUNGKIT series with Chinese classical traditional cultural elements and very futuristic elements are created. In the future, YOUNGKIT members and designers will continue to follow the spirit and goal of the YOUNGKIT founder to spread Chinese culture and pursue fashion trends.

The first generation of the YOUNGKIT Series:

Vintage Celadon Series

Chinese Ink Painting Series

Poetry Series

Technology series

Our Mission:

YOUNGKIT is a brand that dares to constantly innovate and explore the boundaries of the fusion of traditional culture and fashion trends. We never think of ourselves as just an ordinary brand selling tech accessories (phone cases), we want to be explorers in the entire industry or fashion trends. We hope that through continuous innovation and exploration, we have the courage to constantly try and accommodate any novel or special elements in the boundary of exploring and researching the integration of traditional culture and fashion trends. At the same time, we will also run through this core brand concept from beginning to end, and provide people with fun and fashionable products that can express themselves fearlessly.

Plus our Creator Alliance program:

We hope to find artists and illustrators of any kind who share the same philosophy as our brand, and work with them to create the most interesting, personal and artistic fashion items of this era. We want our phone cases to be like a drawing board or a piece of paper to give creators a place to unleash their imaginations ! 

Our Technology:

All-round security

The whole case adopts the new full-touch all-directional protection technology. Full-touch inner anti-drop technology has the characteristics of high elasticity and effective shock absorption, which can absorb the impact force at the moment of the phone falling, without dead Angle to protect your phone. Continuous multi-angle drop testing ensures that every corner of the enclosure is equally drop resistant.

Superior materials

The whole phone case is made of hard polycarbonate material from the world's top plastic supplier: Bayer (now renamed: Covestro), which effectively delays the oxidation time of the frame, making the yellowing resistance level up to level 5. 

Pride in technology

The printing technology on the back of the case all uses our proud IMD double layer HD printing process, ensuring that the case is scratch and wear resistant while the colours last.

Environmentally conscious

We have always believed that it is everyone's responsibility and our mission to protect our planet. That's why we insist on choosing biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials for our cases, and strive to make our products 100% eco-friendly.


We hope that every YOUNGKIT user who chooses and trusts YOUNGKIT will be able to use YOUNGKIT to bravely express their personality and self. We hope YOUNGKIT users will be able to use YOUNGKIT to show everyone that they are unique, wherever they are.

For Creators:

If you are an illustrator, an artist, a designer of any kind, and you like to experiment and are very willing to express or speak your mind in a new form. Then welcome you to work with us to jointly create the new trend and new fashion belonging to this era.