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YOUNGKIT latest collaboration with @咕噜肥肥.Meet Ahxin, the bunny from Star Rabbit Planet with adorable heart-shaped ears. Despite being bullied for her tailless appearance, her encounter with Axing transforms her life. Ahxin's expressive ears embody greetings and emotions while she manages a bubble tea shop. Through her meticulously crafted teas, Ahxin aims to bring warmth and beauty into people's lives, offering moments of healing and surprise. This concept inspires @咕噜肥肥 case designs.

Pick@咕噜肥肥 and protect Ahxin's Adorable Ears with us!

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Personalize your new Phone with YOUNGKIT ’s curated selection of phone cases specifically designed with your style in mind. Elevate your look with fashion cases that are designed to make a statement. So go ahead, find the accessories that are ‘so you’!

We take pride in creating products that are desired and used daily. Therefore we ensure that the base protection for all Phone cases starts with a 9.8-foot drop protection to protect you from accidental damage that happens with a life on the go. We know how much you love your phone, so feel confident knowing it’s safe with 9.8-foot drop protection.

YOUNGKIT offers a wide range of MagSafe Phone Cases , as well as Magsafe stands. In our cases, we use strong built-in N52 magnets to form a secure magnetic connection for easy MagSafe accessorizing. So grab all your favorite MagSafe phone accessories for your new Phone Case!

From minimalist phone cases to luminous quicksand phone cases and artists joint phone cases, YOUNGKIT starts each design process with you in mind. Our priority (after ensuring the safety of your phone) is to make sure that you are receiving a phone accessory that elevates your personal style and makes you smile. That’s why we spend so much time perfecting the look of our products!